Established in 2016

Internationally, more than 263 million children in the developing world are estimated to lack access to basic education.

Valor Global Foundation was founded in 2016. Co-founders Jeff Ahn, Sarah Byon, and Angie Taylor dreamed of bringing the world together through education.  The three originally had started a foreign student exchange company, bringing students to many countries throughout the world. It was their belief that so much could be learned of the very nature of God as we join cultures and learn from one another. As the three worked together in education it became clear that there were numerous students (263 million) who did not have access to education at all, let alone foreign travel. They made it their mission to change education, disrupting the chains of cyclical poverty while enlarging students’ perspective of the world around them and how they best can contribute to that world.

Ahn, Byon, and Taylor brought together a team of top educators along with the latest research in education to create a Private Christian School in Portland, Oregon. This was the first of many schools to come in the Philippines, South Korea and Online. Every school would be global with a mission-minded focus.  For each student who attends a Valor school a student in a developing nation is provided an education. It is more than just sponsorship; it is about building global relationships and community. Our students are connected and have an opportunity to travel to one another on an annual basis.

Valor Global Foundation has expanded rapidly in our short existence and lives are being transformed daily through this ministry. VGF sponsors students in Kenya, Guatemala, Haiti, and the Philippines.


Our mission is to break the chains of cyclical poverty through transformative education. It our hope to provide education for every student and equip them to put courageous faith into action.


Our goal is that every student throughout the world would be provided an opportunity for high quality education.


Valor Global Foundation provides Christ centered education throughout the world. We believe we empower all students to understand their God given gifts and abilities and to be generous in gifts, talents, and resources.

James 1:27