The Sun never sets on Valor

Valor Global Foundation schools ensure that students are engaged in both local and global missions. Through our One 2 One model, every student is paired with a student in need of education around the globe. Each year, Valor Global Foundation schools sends teams of high school students on missions’ experiences locally, across the nation, and around the world.

Valor Oregon

Valor Christian School International in Beaverton, Oregon is a K-12 school which offers a robust stem and college credit offering. VCSI students are engaged in serving and loving their community.  “We believe missions is a lifestyle we live, not simply a trip we take.”  VCSI equips students to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities to be influencers, solving the challenges of the 21st century, followers of Christ who heal the sick, feed the hungry and advance God’s kingdom.

Valor South Korea

Valor International Scholars (VIS) established itself as a residential school for grades 6 to 12 students [with the desire of giving them a holistic positive learning experience]. Strategically located in Anseong, Korea, VIS is a global campus consisting of Korean and international students who wish to receive an American education and a U.S. diploma.

Valor Global Online

Valor Global Online is a 3-12 grade school which has students represented in 35 states in the USA and multiple countries. VGO offers an entrepreneurial approach to education, equipping students to add their unique value into the world and marketplace.


Intermountain Christian School is a One 2 One partner school in Kambiri, Kenya.


We collaborate with churches to provide education in Tongko Village in the Philippines.


We partner with NCompass in Haiti to sponsor children into Mission of Hope schools.


We partner with JuveNet Ministries to sponsor students in Sonrisa DeAmor School.